Symbolism of Japan, Haiku again

9 April 2013

I think that Haiku is the symbolic literature in Japan.The explanation of details is omitted now. I only introduce the contemporary fact of it.
My favourite Haku writer, ISHIDA Akiko ever wrote on her husband, ISHIDA Hakyo, one of the most Haiku writers of modern Japan.
The next is the one.
Hi tomoshite
Hachijuhachiya wo
Tsuma to ori
<Trial translation>
Turning on a light
The eighty-eight night of the year
Is with husband
The husband Hakyo has long been tuberculosis. His late years are almost at hospital for treatment. The days of eighty-eight night of the year is the the peak period of gathering the fresh green tea’s leaves. Famous annual function of the early summer. Probably Hakyo returned home for the lull time of the disease. Tonight was the best day for the two.<Symbolism of Japan>
Haiku shows the reality of daily life for the ordinary people by only 17 syllables of Japanese.
symbolism of Japan, Haiku. 4 July 2012


The green tea field of the Sayama Hills, Saitama, Japan


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