Old Tokyo, The Kiyozumi Park

The pond of the Kiyozumi Park was made by drawing the Tokyo Bay’s water into the pond, ever seen several in the pre-Tokyo, but now this structure becomes very rare. The location is near the sea, so many sea birds visit here to rest and eat food in the pond.

The Kiyozumi Park.
Kiyozumi, Koto Ward, Tokyo.

Old Tokyo, The Pond of Kiyozumi Park

The Kiyozumi Park , located at the Koto Ward, is one of the pre-modern funeral lord’s garden in Tokyo. This park was designed using the Tokyo Bay’ water for the pond in the garden. I first visited here in my age 20s, now with wife again walked around the pond explaining the history of the garden.

Old Tokyo, Snow Guard of Tree

The trees planted around the pond in the Kiyozumi Garden is kept by the snow guard from late winter to the early spring for not breaking the branches by the weight of winter snow. The way is traditional special work of gardeners of Japan. Now for its difficult style and high maintenance  expence, this artistic guard was not able to be seen so much.

Old Tokyo, Worm Guard

The Kiyozumi Park’s trees,especially pine trees, are guard by traditional worm guard system using the Japanese rope winding around the tree stems. The worms enter in the rope from autumn to winter for warming in the rope preventing the cold season. The gardeners take off the winding ropes at the spring and burn them quickly worms in the rope. Thus trees are kept safely from the worm damage. I love this way for its artistically beautiful knotting.

13 August 2013

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