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Woodwork is my happiness, veranda

Ou house’s veranda was my first large woodwork by which I and wife thought that the little house was used as effective as possible. At the preparation of making, I first knew the 2 by 4 wood were really useful for us beginners.

Veranda’s foundation was also 2 by 4 adapted concrete base. At first soil was made hard by concrete and the next there put the foundations where the ditches for entering the 2 by 4 woods were already made up. So the work was very simple and smooth. probably about one month we finished the whole work. That was about 12 years ago.

But this old veranda was considerably rotten by the rain earlier than I thought. So the winter 2011 we decided making the new veranda to keep the same comfortable house.
The new one was also made by 2 by 4 system which was my favourite woodwork material for various used products.

Old veranda’s dismantling started October and new one’s accomplishment was ending days of December, needing some 3 months . The product was very satisfactory for family.

Matching the new veranda, we again started the also new garden house on this veranda’s left side. The simple explanation is shown at this blog’s Woodwork is my happiness, garden house.


On the veranda, there is a remade bench which is also garden good containers under the sitting cover.


Behind the bench is a newly made flower shelf which is also what we long desired to make up.