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TEZUKA Muneyasu The Spirit of Kirigamine Highlands

TEZUKA Muneyasu
The Spirit of Kirigamine Highlands

TEZUKA Muneyasu was the master of Korobokkuru Hutte, Kirigamine Highlands, Nagano, Japan. Kirigamine Highlands is one of the most favourite summer resort places for our family. I have visited there from my student days some 45 years ago.

Now we visit there almost lodging the neighbouring Tateshina also famous summer resort place. From Tateshina to Kirigamine some 15 minutes ride by car.

Kirigamine is the kingdom of the alpine plants and very famous by the highlands’ fog that emerges everyday from the morning till 8 or 9 o’clock.

At the highlands there exists Korobokkuru Hutte that has continued since 1956. The owner was TEZUKA Muneyasu who constructed the hutte by his only power against the three seasons’ strong winds and winter snow. He has rested at the from the foothill’s hospital from this spring. But very sadly he died in this September. Now his son Takane has succeeded the hutte as natural style of father Muneyasu.

Yesterday I wrote Haiku for Muneyasu lamenting his long effort keeping the hutte, that is the heimat of the highlands for visiting there. He wrote many books on the highlands, alpine plants and people relating with the highlands. He loved the white clouds, the high clear blue sky and all the fogs arouse there.

Hi tomoseba
Madobe no kiri mo

The fog you loved
will rest as well
when the lamp is lit at the window

3 November 2012
Sekinan Research Field of Language

Haiku for Mountain trip

Kiri no hi ni
Wakaki yamatabi

Under the lamp of fog
On mountain trip in youth
Talk together till late


At Korobokkuru Hyutte
Kirigamine Highlands, Nagano, Japan,  summer 2012