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Position of Language


Quantization1 is a cliff for consideration of language.

2 Mathematical interpretation of quantized language is now a first step to the theoretical ascent.

3 If there is not mathematics, next conjectures are impossible.

(i) Difference between word and sentence—Commutative and noncommutative ring

(ii) Continuation from word to sentence—Tomita’s fundamental theorem

(iii) Word’s finiteness and sentence’s infinity—Property infinite and purely infinite

(iv) Cyclic structure of word’s meaning—Infinite cyclic group

Meaning minimum2mirror language3 and mirror symmetry4 are inevitable approach to the study of language especially for language universals5.

5 Symplectic Language Theory, Floer Homology Language and Arithmetic Geometry Language are adopted as the model theory for natural language in the recent.

6 Hereinafter the model theory will be entered to the new concept. The Models of Language Universals 6 will be shown by the description of mathematics.



Theory Dictionary Writing

Theory Dictionary Person

Aim for Frame-Quantum Theory

1. Quantized Language

Quantization of Language /Floer Homology Language

2. Meaning minimum

Structure of Meaning / Symplectic Language Theory
3. Mirror language

Mirror Symmetry on Rational Curve / Symplectic Language Theory

4. Mirror symmetry

Homology Mirror Symmetry Conjecture by KONTSEVICH / Symplectic Language Theory

5. Language universals

Generating Function / Symplectic Language Theory
6. Models of  Language Universals

 Language Universal Models till 2011

Tokyo December 10, 2005

Now traveling to a northern more place from the encounter

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Sekinan Research Field of Language




                                     The Time of Quantum


In August  2003, I went to Hakuba in Nagano prefecture for the summer vacation with my family.  At that time I had been thinking on the form of language for which I wrote the paper, that connects with time inherent in characters, in March 2003 also at Hakuba.

At night of August 23 in cottage, I casually saw the advertizing paper of electric dictionary.  The paper was brought from the convenience store near  the cottage in the evening.

The dictionary  on the paper was Seiko’s English-Japanese dictionary that has additionally consultation for Chinese or French language with large scale. I vaguely considered that after this dictionaries are necessarily taken these multi-lingual way.

At the time I suddenly  realized that the form of language may be spherical style in which language contains all the information in itself.

That was satisfactional solution for the tough problem of language that I had been carrying in my life from my twenties.

I wrote the sketchlike paper of the theoretical approach after returning home of Tokyo. The paper was read at the international symposium of UNESCO opened in winter 2003 at Nara.

At the paper read in symposium, the spherical substance of language is seemed to be quantum in DELBRUCK’s image-like physical world.

After 5 years from the inspiration at summer of Hakuba,  now I consider that spherical essence is manifold in infinite dimensional world.

Now I also realize that the toughest problem of language is minutely solvable in  mathematical approach that has structurally definable terms.

September 29, 2008


Hakuba, Nagano, Japan
24 August 2003
The right behind is the Hakuba Range.

<January 23, 2012 The title changed>
The former title is “From Quantum to Manifold”.

<Postscript. January 25,2012>
On quantization of Language, refer the next.
Quantization of Language

Sekinan Research Field of Language



Sekinan Resrearch Field of Language

Sekinan Research Field of Language was established in 2003 for the study on language universals, that was the core theme since my youth time some 40 years ago in the 1970s. But real start was much later in the late 1980s.

In 1986 I established the Sekinan Library for the bace of study at Tachikawa, Tokyo. At that time my main theme was declined to the study of old Chinese character’s classical semanticsusing the traditional study of the form of characters reading Qing Dynasty’s WANG Guowei. The study from the direction had not given me so rich results. I at the same time read some mathematical books influenced from Bourbaki that was the big stream in 1970s in Japan. Set theory represented by Godel was also the favourite at the time.

In 1990s I determined the direction of study only to language universals taught from CHINO Eiichi, one of the modern typical philologists of Japan. He taught me almost all the aspects of European philology that were unkown for me. In the various themes he gave me, the most impressive was the existence of the Linguistic Circle of Prague. Above all Sergej Karcevskij was overwhelmingly deep and moving. But Karcevskij’s  approach was seemed to be intuitive and far from clear descriptiveness.

I began to learn the theme hinted by Karcevskij while learning Godel, Bourbaki and Wittgenstein that was also gave me the big influence form the age 20s. I had freuently read Wittgenstein’s TRACTATUS. But my base of math was so poor and never became the descriptive use for language’s delicate phases. So I again restarted math from geomatry that gave the most familiar and clear image for me. My intuitive image and basic math description were seemed to be able offer in nearly milleium days.

In spring 2003 I knew the application paper for the international symposium held  by a certain institute. I arranged the short paper for it till early summer and sent it. The paper was happily adopted  as one of the language and literature section of the symposium. The paper’s title was Quantum Theory for Language. It was again arranged next year 2004 as the title Quantum Theory for Language synopsis.

The establish date of Sekinan Research Field of Language  was 23 August 2003, that was the date of completion of proto-conceptive paper of Quantum Theory for Language at the hutte in Hakuba, Nagano. Now the time passed rapidly 10 years. The home site, sekinan, has become full by the papers accumulation. So the new site has become indispensible. The name is atbankofdam, established at 21 May 2013. The origin of the name is written at the essay, At Bankof Dam Again.


14 August 2013

Additional note / 18 August 2013
Winding road from Hakuba / 27 July 2013