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Woodwork is my happiness, bench

At the veranda, there was a tiny bench for family, that was ever also made by my wife using her work-holidays. She is very fond of woodwork like me. But at those days some 15 years ago, I had mainly made garden works, for instance, garden edges  and ground covering by blocks. Some tall trees were also planted for tree flowers and summer shade. Grape and wisteria shelves were rather complicated works.

This bench was also hurt by  rains. So we once decide new one for more fashionably. But the bench’s wood is so fine and we rethought and decided to repair the old one for new use. The old is a little long for our tiny veranda. So I decide this cuts more shortly. At first this work was thought easy. But work began, some parts were rotten by the rain and some places have crack, because we used under-bench place for the stocking vegetables and some tools for gardening.

At last the remake work needed about 2 months till all finished. The new one is shorter than old but some parts are cleanly cut by knife and has smoothly curved line. We are so satisfied. Of course under the bench, the vegetables and several gardening tools are stocked preventing rain and wind.


remarked bench


Inner the bench, the cover is used for many pockets by narrow woods.


At right side of the bench, we have made a brand new flower shelf with tool container under part.