I need not more wander the book shop streets

From Print 2012, Chapter 10

I need not more wander the book shop streets. The object exists in my mind. I would better watch the canal. Wandering is over now.  Perhaps I would not become meister  forever. In my narrow working place, I ‘d better do my work till sunset. So out of the window by the working place,  the saint passes by. I ever read the Russian folk tale like that.

The Autumn evening is fast. The headlight of streetcar  is dazzling. In the yellow-lighten window the passengers are picked out by the light. The car disappeared  to the book streets. The station shop is also lighted up by the yard’s busy orange light.

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  1. 40 years passed from I read WANG Guowei / 16 November 2013
  2. Prague in 1920s, The Linguistic Circle of Prague and Sergej Karcevskij’s paper “Du dualisme asymetrique du signe linguistique” / Print, 2012

[Note  1 October 2014]
“I need not more wander the book shop streets.” 
From Tale, Print, 2012
This tale was written by TANAKA Akio, pen-named LI Koh in autumn 2012 for remembering the poor but brilliant youth time of myself. This is one of my favourite phrases in this tale.
The book shop streets described in the tale is Kanda, Tokyo, which is located in the central Tokyo, where I frequently walked seeking the old Chinese classic books for the study from Oriental way of linguistics. In late 1960s, the streetcars were surely running in the old fashioned streets of Kanda, now perfectly changed to the subway streets. 


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