The Rose Theatre ~ where Henry IV, pt I & Dr. Faustus were first performed.

London Unveiled

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The Rose is considered by many to be London’s most historic theatre if only for the reason that it was the first purpose built theatre ever to stage a Shakespearean play.  While the Globe is most well known, that building is not actually located on the site of the original theatre.  Recent discoveries in Shoreditch of remains believed to be from the Theatre (1576 & the oldest) and the Curtain (1577) have already led to plans for new development on those sites to raise awareness of their locations and bring theatrical production back to them.  However, the Rose (1587) was the fourth theatre built in all of Greater London, but the first on Bankside.  In addition, its exact location has been found, it is being preserved and it is accessible.  As such it is the only location in London where Elizabethan theatre can be performed on the exact location of…

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