Woodwork is my happiness, garden house

At the veranda, there was a little garden-goods till the last year that was my wife made at the time of her work-holidays while I made  the veranda before living room. But passing some 10 years, the house became rain leaking through the roof. So we decided a new garden house together wife and me.

She mainly brought the inner design and arrangement and woodwork took my charge. From last early spring we began to write several plans on the notebook.

From May last year we began to make mainly using the pre-made wood-wall at the shop and floor and roof are originally made adopting the size of our house. In the house, tiny desk and many shelves are installed for her sewing and my woodwork and painting.

Almost one year the new garden house was accomplished containing the rather long summer vacation time.

In the house as scheduled her sewing machine and my woodwork tools and painting cans are all stored. More fine image before we imagined.  Sewing-machine table are made firmly by thick board  and its chair is also added using the paraffin boxes covering, where she made a quilting cushion for her sewing comfortably.

At the door she painted a garden plate by tole painting. At the southern wall fitted the tiny planters shelf.


Garden house from door with tole painting


Inner the house, sewing machine and several shelves for paintings and tools


Door’s tole painting and south wall shelf


South wall side shelf with flowers pots


Red verbena flower pots at south wall


Tole painting at the door, “GARDEN HOUSE”

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