climbing into the border

Every week I climb in and out of 13 borders I love it. Wading knee deep through foliage and head high flowers. I would recommend that you find a border to climb into to admire close-up the glory of amazing summer colour that our gardens are experiencing.

july    2013 195



A couple of suggestions to assist in your border journey.

1. You do require a large border, rather than one that skims the edge of your garden, otherwise it could look like you have just lost your footing and stumbled in, or you are waiting for a number 59 bus.

2. Best not to choose a public garden.

3.Take some sandwiches and a beer and a deck chair.

july    2013 194

I designed and planted a huge border for a friend a few years back. The perennials are particularly large, if not huge, you really cannot be seen if you are sitting in a low slung…

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