Tachikawa, Tokyo, Youth Days

Tachikawa,  Tokyo, Youth Days   



Tachikawa is the largest city of the west Tokyo area now . I spent high school days at this city. But the scenery at the surrounding of station has changed so big and speedy. My old days’ image cannot be seen anywhere  around here. At that time I used the south gate, that was rather lonesome and only a few people walked even at the main street after evening. 
Now the pedestrian decks have spread in all directions. Near the station vast number bicycles are parked for business persons and students. Surely half a century passed by. It is very natural to be changed in all phases. Old person must see the vigorous long view calmly standing at the deck. The monorail train are passing over the city streets carrying many people that gather and leave the city. 
After graduated university I came back to Tachikawa for working job. My dear old coffee shop “Road” is vanished perfectly, where I often talked on our present and future with my best friend and colleague Shizuto.

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11 October 2012
Sekinan Research Field of Language


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