DIY: Grandpa’s Woodworking

Finca Cielo Azul

Baby shower’s have come and gone now, but I wanted to share with everyone the hard work that every member of the family put into these events.

I’ll start with grandpa.

For our cowboy themed baby shower (we had two showers–one that was ladies only and included most of our family, neighbors, co-workers, etc., and another one that was co-ed with our friends), I wanted something that people could put their envelopes in.  I’ve always liked this idea of providing a specific area for envelopes so they don’t end up all over the gift table, and then you don’t know if they belong to the gift next to it or not.

So I googled cowboy mail boxes or something to that effect, (did cowboy’s have or need mailboxes?  Probably not, but I searched it anyway), and found something I liked.  I showed the picture to dad (aka, Jake’s grandpa), and…

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