Tarzan and Tantor

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By Jeffrey Jones, from the 1998 Edgar Rice Burroughs Calendar, illustrating the novel Tarzan and the Foreign Legion (1947), the twenty-second novel in the Tarzan series and the last published in the author’s lifetime, by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

* * *

“Suddenly the great bulk of the beast came into view. It dwarfed Tarzan. When the little eyes saw Tarzan, the animal stopped. Instantly the ears were spread and the trunk curled up. It is going to charge was the thought of those in the trees.

“Corrie’s lips moved. Silently they formed the plea, ‘Quick, Tarzan! Quick!’

“And then Tarzan spoke. He spoke to the elephant in the language that he believed was common to most beasts—the mother tongue of the great apes. Few could speak it, but he knew that many understood it. ‘Yo, Tantor, yo!’ he said.

“The elephant was weaving from side to side. It did…

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