Koloni: the Swedish version of allotments come complete with little houses.

Saffron Magazine


There are forms of allotments all over the world. As the industrial revolution separated people from the land and the way of life they were accustomed to, the desire for a bit of land to grow a few potatoes and fresh vegetables became a necessity for these displaced people. In Russia they are dachas, in America, community gardens and in Britain, allotments although here there are strict rules preventing overnight stays.

In Sweden the transition from country to city was very sudden and the establishing of their koloni plots was a lifeline for people living in tiny apartments, often one room and a kitchen. Families were able to spend their free time growing fresh food and the children were able to run free and breathe fresh air and, importantly they were able to build charming little cabins that reminded them of their country homes.

Our article looks at some of…

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