Savoy Chapel ~ a very unique place with a great history.

London Unveiled

Savoy chapel exterior

Located on the Strand, the Savoy Chapel is a truly unique building with a fascinating history.  Also known as the Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy, it is arguably one of the lesser known historically significant Royal buildings in London.

History of the Savoy Estate:  The Savoy is a small district in central London within which the widely known Savoy Hotel sits.  Originally this area was a large estate given to Peter of Savoy by Henry III in 1246.  When Peter died, his mother, Queen Eleanor, gave the estate to Edmund, the 1st Earl of Lancaster.  Of note is that to this day the Savoy Estate continues to be the principal land holding of the Duchy of Lancaster in London.

Savoy Chapel entranceEdmund’s great-granddaughter and her husband, John of Gaunt, built a large palace on the estate that was destroyed in 1381 during the Peasant’s Revolt.   A little over a century later…

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