True-false problem of the Crete

True-false problem of the Crete

The example of what language has structure

22 July 2013


1. Natural language has true-false problem.

2. By a liar of the Crete, whose saying turns true to false and false to true. The turn continues eternally.

3. This situation resembles the  Möbius’ strip surface, where the walker on the surface goes from right side to reverse side and the reverse to the right again.

4. The surface of  Möbius’ strip is  non-oriented.  

5. If natural language have Möbius’ strip surface structure, Crete’s true-false problem does not exist from the first.


1. Natural language has mathematical structure.
2. Natural language satisfies Möbius’ strip-like non-orientation.  



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   This paper also appears at this blogger’s following page.
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