Torch extinguishers

London Details


As a follow-on from my post on link-boys, a few photos of torch extinguishers. But first a picture of a link-boy who would, for a small fee, light the way. Please note the torch or link extinguisher on the fence.

In 1878, the 4th volume of Old and New London was published. This volume was written, or compiled if you prefer, by Edward Walford. The previous volumes had been written by Walter Thornbury, but he died in 1876. Walford includes a section on Berkeley Square, illustrated by these lovely torch extinguishers. Although the ones left in the square are in most cases not quite as ornate, they are still well worth going to see as relics of bygone days. Does anyone, by the way, know what the rings on top of the ironwork are for? They look like basketball hoops without the net. [Update: thanks to the British Library…

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