Tokyo Station Restoration Completed

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station Restoration Completed   

Tokyo Station has been completed restoration work yesterday at 1 October 2012. The station is probably most favourite station in Japan for me. From my student times I have used it innumerably. In the late 1960, in my student days, the station’s main gate Marunouchi was rather calm and lonesome except rush hours of business persons.

Now the situation has vastly changed. It has become the most wonderful station and around the station has also most lively space from early morning till late night. I love the atmosphere of this station and its around.

The bookstore Maruzen close Marunouchi gate is my pleasurable space for update information on near 2 million books published in Japan and abroad. If you come to Japan, please see the station and go outside to the Imperial Palace some 10 minutes walk from Marunouchi gate. You can appreciate the both faces of modern and classical Japan. Probably it will be the fantastic experience on Japan.

Tokyo Station was constructed at 5 December 1914. The original station was burnt at 25 May 1945 by the Tokyo attack of the Second World War.

                                                                                                                 Newspaper advertisement of the Tokyo Station
                                                                                                                                       Date: 1 October 2012


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