Haiku for summer coming

Hikari no umi
Zattou ha suzushii
Ajisai no hana

Sea of lights
The crowded street is cool
Alike the flowers of hydrangea.

The scene was met at Shinjuku, the busiest city of Tokyo, in summer 1969, where I frequently went for seeing and buying the books related with the study. This haiku was the feeling when going up thestairs from the under ground station.

In spring 1969, I met SAEKI Shoichi, from whom I was taught the basis of Haiku making.
SAEKI was the haiku poet belonged to the Modern Haiku Association.  He was 43 years old and I was 21.
One day he showed and taught me a haiku written by ISHIDA Hakyo, one of the most famous modern haiku poets in Japan.

Shimo no haka
Toki mitari

<Trial translation>

A grave of frost
When lifted  in arms
I saw that

This haiku gave me the essence of haiku making. So SAEKI and ISHIDA is my teacher of haiku.

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